502 Bad Gateway on fresh install


I’m using EasyEngine for one site and it’s all running as it should.

I tried installing another site on another domain (DNS and A records are all good), but I get a 502 Bad Gateway (nginx) error when trying to visit my site.

The install is new with php7 and w3tc. What could be the issue here? I tried restarting nginx and php7-fpm, but I still get a 502 bad gateway error on the new site (the old site is still fine)


I created a new site with php5 and it’s working. I guess the problem is with php7, but I tried starting/stopping/restarting the service, still doesn’t work.


ee debug --php7


This issue is caused because of php7.0-fpm latest update Easiest solution is to remove php7 and again install it. This will solve your problem



Even I am facing same issue. I tried resinstalling PHP7. Still same.


That worked for me after distro update in the php.


What do you mean Distro update in the PHP?